Meet Sally

Fast & fresh salads, chosen by you, mixed by Sally

Sally’s Salads is a take-away salad bar located in the Rotterdam Markthal that offers an alternative to the traditional unhealthy fast food. Healthy fast food! Sally’s is for all the people who don’t always feel the need to cook but who also don’t want to have to grab a hamburger or pizza every time, or having to spend a lot of money on a quick bite. To put it short: a healthy fast food hotspot in Rotterdam.

Sally’s Salads is born from the frustration for the lack of healthy and affordable food in Rotterdam. Healthy fast food is underrepresented in the Netherlands: do you want fast and affordable, then you will only have a handful of choices left; do you want healthy, then you need more time and more money. But not at Sally’s: we mix your salad in the blink of an eye, combined by you, an affordable salad complete made-up with the freshest ingredients.


Your salad in 4 steps:

1. Choose your salad bowl: small, medium or large.

2. Choose from dozens of daily fresh ingredients, products like avocado, jumbo shrimp, Pokébowl rice, chicken, tuna, broccoli and bell pepper. We have numerous combinations that include healthy and even raw food choices!

3. Choose your dressing, for example a truffle or blue cheese dressing.

4. Chill: your salad is being assembled by our salad mixers! Take the salad with you and enjoy your healthy fast food meal.


We at Sally’s Salads don’t use a menu: you choose whatever you like! You have the choice from dozens of delicious ingredients, that are delivered to us daily. At our place, we don’t sacrifice affordability and speed for quality. Most of our dressings and all our drinks contain no added sugars and colouring agents.

Sally’s Salads is a new restaurant located in Rotterdam’s own Markthal, a food hotspot where young and innovative entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves. This impressive piece of architecture marks a new era in Rotterdam. We will help define this moment. Healthy food and raw food are popular concepts in Rotterdam’s city centre, but as of this moment the choices are limited. Our goal? To offer the people in the Netherlands an affordable and healthy alternative to fast food.


Meet Mr Sally
Also known as Mehmet Gören. He studied a semester in Mexico, there he had a roommate who was living a healthy lifestyle. After another meal made up of taco’s he decided to drag Mehmet to a local salad bar that was just around the corner. It was there that Mehmet got convinced of the concept: a fast, healthy meal that you can combine yourself, why would you go for that unhealthy option? Soon he could be found daily at that salad bar. When he came back to his hometown he became aware of the fact that there were a lot of nice restaurants in Rotterdam, but that the options for healthy and fast food were very limited. That is when he decided to quit his daily job and started working on Sally’s Salads: inspired by a Mexican salad bar, but with a twist of its own, modified to the local needs and what the Dutch people like. A new concept: affordable and healthy fast food in the Markthal!


Sally’s story
In the Mexican salad bar, Mehmet’s fresh salad was prepared every day by a lovely Mexican lady. The only problem was that she didn’t speak any English and he didn't speak Spanish, but secretly they had an eye for each other. He didn’t even know her name so in his mind he gave her a very international sounding name, Sally, slang in English for salad. After six months Mehmet had to say goodbye to his secret crush and go back home, but not without taking something associated with here with him. He decided to bring Sally’s tasty salads with him to the Netherlands. Revamped to speak to the Dutch tastes of: healthy, affordable, fast and delicious!


Naturally sweet and crunchy


Mushrooms with a mildly savory taste


Gentle cabbage flavor and full of vitamins


Vitamin rich, crunchy and crisp